Why Does Arthritis Pain Seem Worse In Cold Weather?

Cold temperatures can increase your pain sensitivity, slow your blood circulation and cause muscle spasms; which can contribute to your pain experience. Joint tissues expand in response to detecting a drop in barometric pressure, which could lead to you feeling more pain.

Tips To Minimise Arthritis Pain In Cold Weather


    Layer up with hats, gloves and coats to keep you warm. You can even use a hot pack on the sore joints to help ease the pain.


    Gently stretching the joints and moving them through their full range of movement will help reduce stiffness (which is sometimes experienced as pain). Movement also increases the blood flow to helps in combating pain.


    Exercise is not only important for helping with strength and joint stability, but it also increases your endorphins (“happy” hormones), which help reduce your pain.

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If you are suffering from prolonged or moderate to severe arthritis pain in is best to consult with your hand therapist, rheumatologist or your doctor. They will be able to advise on further pain management strategies.

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