Occupational Therapy With A “Hands In” Approach

Hands In OT provides quality, professional occupational therapy services; in the quiet neighbourhood of Northvale AH, Muldersdrift (near Pinehaven). However, we also offer home visits in the surrounding areas. We believe that the best results are achieved when the individual is at the centre of the therapy process and a teamwork approach is adopted. Our therapy is guided by the patient’s individual diagnosis, personal circumstances, lifestyle and goals and work hand in hand with them to ensure they get what they need from therapy. At Hands In OT we put our occupational therapy expertise at your disposal and put you at the centre of the therapy process.

Our services are offered in the following areas:

  • Hand Therapy

  • Oedema and Lymphoedema Management

  • Oncological (Cancer) Rehabilitation

  • Lipoedema Management

Our Services

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Lipoedema Management

Lipoedema is a condition where there is symmetrical and abnormal fat distribution below the waist, i.e. in the hips, thighs and legs. Whilst it can occur in obestity and with lymphodema, it is a condition entirely on it's own.


Hand Therapy

Conservative treatment of undisplaced fractures, repetitive strain injuries (e.g. carpal tunnel, tendonitis), arthritis management; as well as rehabilitation after surgery. Modalities include: custom splinting, kinesiotaping, assistive devices, guided exercise, retraining hand function, pain management.


Oedema Management

Managing post-trauma and chronic swelling (e.g. vascular insufficiency, cardiac related oedema, lymphoedema). Techniques offered include: Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), compression bandaging, exercise programmes, patient and caregiver education programmes.

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What is a repetitive strain injury?

May 11th, 2023|0 Comments

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are not only caused by repetitive activities in work and leisure, but can also be caused by poor &/or sustained awkward postures. They most commonly affect the hands, arms and shoulders it can occur in any body part.

Lymphoedema Risk Factors

March 29th, 2023|1 Comment

Lymphoedema is not always a preventable condition. It is however life-long, if you develop it. Knowing what may predispose you to the condition and knowing the early symptoms can empower you to seek early intervention if you need it.

Early signs of lymphoedema

February 23rd, 2023|1 Comment

The Early Signs of Lymphoedema Lymphoedema can affect a variety of people of all ages. It is a chronic swelling, usually of an arm or a leg. It is often progressive and can lead

Arthritis Tips

February 9th, 2023|1 Comment

There are some non-pharmaceutical things you can do to help manage you arthritis. Here are some tips to help with the pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different medical aids have different rules about therapy. In most cases reimbursement for therapy is subject to your medical savings, if you have funds available, your therapy will be covered. There are certain conditions that can be treated under the umbrella of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) or Oncology, ask your therapist whether either of these are applicable and we’ll assist with the application process.
Medical aid rates are applicable to all our services offered, so rest assured there are no co-payments.
A typical therapy session is around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the condition being treated. The frequency and duration of treatment varies significantly from person-to-person. Your therapist will be able to give you an estimate on the frequency and duration of therapy once an assessment has been done.
We ask that if you are unable to attend an appointment that you let the practice know at least 4 hours before the appointment to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. We also offer home visits to selected areas on prior arrangement if getting to the practice is difficult
Yes, we will adapt the therapy session to your needs on the day of treatment. We will help in reducing your pain to get you back on the road to recovery.
Yes, we will be able to assess the wound and assist in changing wound dressings if needed. We will promote wound healing during the therapy process.
A custom splint is one that is made specifically for you and your specific symptoms/condition by a qualified hand therapist. A prefabricated brace is one that you can buy from your local pharmacy or orthopaedic supplier. Custom splints are generally preferred when more accurate positioning of joints and tissue is required. If support is needed short term or intermittently a prefabricated brace might be an option. Speak to your therapist about what option is best for you.

“Finding Gayle was just what the Dr ordered. I felt very comfortable as Gayle explained the massaging and leg taping that she was going to perform for the oedema that I was experiencing. Gayle is an absolute star and her willingness to treat me at home has been an absolute blessing. I recommend Gayle for her warm and friendly approach, her absolute professionalism and her dedication to ensuring you recover and rehabilitate back to full health”


“While treating me for severe lymphoedema Gayle Seago has proved to be a highly competent, compassionate occupational therapist. Her treatment and support over six months has demonstrated genuine personal interest and care as well as encouragement. She is punctual, reliable and innovative. Her sincere drive to assist in the healing process is remarkable.”


Professional Care

Our qualified, professional and passionate therapists will tailor your treatment programme to you and your needs.