Arthritis Tips for Pain Management

Many people think that arthritis can only be treated with medication or that there is “nothing you can do about it” There are many things you can do. Read our arthritis tips below.

Keeping Active Is Essential

It is tempting to lie in bed and do nothing when you have a flare-up of your arthritis. Whilst it is important to give your joints the rest they deserve during a flare-up of pain, you need to gentle keep your joints moving. Here are some arthritis tips on keeping active:

  • Gently make sure you move each joint through its full movement throughout the day

  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time

  • Perform daily stretching exercises

  • Perform regular low-impact exerise (e.g. sminning, cycling, walking)

Maintaing a healthy weight is also very useful in managing arthritc pains. Together with a balanced diet, exercise can help you acheive this.

Use Natural Pain Remedies

Of course there are pharmaceutical medications that you perhaps have been prescribes, but there are tons of non-pharmaceutical measures you can try.

  • Find a balance in your activities. You want to keep active, but want to avoid “over-doing it”

  • Keep good posture and alignment. If your joints are positioned in good alignment, you are putting less strain on them.

  • Practice relaxation techniques. Deep breathing, meditation, doing actvities that generally help you to offload stress; can all reduce your overall experience of pain

  • Try hot and/or cold therapy. This is often a great immediate pain reducer to try out. You can use ice/hot packs, take a long bath or make use of warm clothing (such as gloves) to reduce your pain

  • Give massage a try. Massage can often ease muscle tension andreduce stiffness. There is also a tactile input that you get through massage that can temporarily override your pain receptors.

  • Make use of supports and splints.It is best to have an occupational therapist prescribe specifc splints and supports for you individual needs.

Hand therapy can help you manage your arthritis pain

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